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At Scandic Parken we are constantly working on improving ourself in a sustainable way. It is our goal that all our departments join in the efforts. 

In research made by Sustainable Brand Index, Scandic was number two at sustainability in the hotel business,. Among 268 brands in Norway Scandic came in second place.


Diversity in the workplace is both a strength and an advantage. Different personalities and perspectives contribute to ensuring a great hotel experience for gruests from all over the world.

Scandic as a chain is working towards being the most inclusive workplace with employees from 112 different countries. 

Scandic Parken is no exception. We have built a strong, international team.

The people that work with us are from different backgrounds and hold a lot of different experiences.


The common denominator is the wish to make your stay the best it can be!

"We welcome people with different backgrounds and abilities and make every effort to ensure that everyone gets their due at Scandic. This work is governed by our cultural platform and Diversity & Inclusion Policy. We follow up on outcomes – our employee surveys show that team members generally feel included at work.

We strives to have a rich culture, a breadth of languages and other skills among our team members.

During the coming year, Scandic will place great focus on further developing its corporate culture."

Nordic Swan Ecolabel


Scandic is the largest Nordic Swan Ecolabeled hotel company with more than 210 certified hotels and a clear ambition to certify all Scandic hotels.

The story of Scandic and “the Swan” is also about a shared journey where, among other things, we’ve set high demands on partners such as our laundry service providers. Today, almost 100% of these are ecolabeled. For many years, the TVs and beds in our hotel rooms have also been ecolabeled - just a few examples of how we’re working with our suppliers and challenging them to be more sustainable.

Being certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel involves taking a holistic approach in environmental initiatives to meet strict requirements based on life cycle analysis. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel criteria are usually updated every five years, most recently in January 2022.

Certification also involves complying with strict requirements and earning points in various areas. In total, Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification includes 44 mandatory requirements and six point categories that are monitored regularly.

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The fight again food waste


Scandic Parkenis focused on good food, and not letting it go to waste.

That is why we are a part of "Too good to go"!

The initiative has a goal of zero food waste globally, and we support that!

Through "Too good to go" you can locate, and save, food from companies all over the world. 

Read more, and download the app so that you can joint tha fight!

Nordic eco label

License updated October 2023

Scandic Parken has recieved nordic eco label license number   2055 0142 for the product group: 055 Hotels and other accommodation i guidance with criteria version 5.3 expires 2026

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