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Theatre for 103 people



to a venue built for optimal effeciency during presentations and meetings.

Stay focused!

amfi med plass til 105, prosjektor fremst i salen

The theatre makes it easy for everyone to stay focused at what is being presented.

Use a projector, flipover or whiteboard- the choice is yours!

We will supply the pens and notepads.

Service,  please!

Utstyr til å presentere

Our hosts are never far away!

Should you need refills or help with connecting your laptop to the projector, all you have to do is call. 

24/7 Front desk

Receptionist welcomes you

Our front desk is always open and ready to help! The great team there are knowledgable when it comes to the hotel and the area surrounding it. 

Ask them for recomendations for places to eat or things to do. They can also help you book a table in our restaurant  Polarbjørn.

Break area

Close-up of tea and sugar cubes

The venue is located on street level, with its own exit to Einarvikgata.

At the back of the room there is a break area where we will serve the food and drinks that you have ordered. 

Fresh and bright!

Overview of the seats in the meeting room and projector

The door that opens to street outside allows for daylight and fresh air


There is also airconditioning in the room, to help keep you focused during long meetings, 


photo of the amphitheater taken at the front of the hall








Natural light

Markers / pens


Dinner after the meeting?

Try Polarbjørn!

17 rom 806.jpg

Need a place to sleep?

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