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Scandic Parken is located in the city center, so there are a lot of options when it comes to parking.

The three parking areas closest to the hotel are the garage beneath the hotel, the parking lot behind the hotel and Aksla parking facilities. 

Park at Scandic Parken

There are 160 parking spaces beneath the hotel. The entrance is located in Einarvikgata. Your licence plate will be registered when you enter the garage. You can either pay on the orange machine, or by the use of the app. The parking garage is operated by OnePark, not Scandic Parken. 

There is a fee of 25NOK/hour or 250NOK/night

Elektrisk billader Ålesund


There are four charging stations for electrical vehicles located on the lowest level of the parking garage beneath the hotel.

Please note that you need to bring an adapter and cable in order to charge. 

Aksla parking

Aksla Parking offers 940 parking spots close by the hotel.

Your licence plate will be automatically registered when you enter.

Find instructions on one of the machines in order to pay.


25NOK/hour // 250NOK/night

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